Sponsorship and Advertising

Cloud Gaming Battle has a number of sponsorship and advertising programs available to help spread information and awareness about your products and services in a manner that best suits your marketing needs within the style and quality of content that our viewers have come to expect.

Why work with Cloud Gaming Battle?

We wish to provide as much value to our sponsors as we do to our viewers: It’s easy to price high and work less but we also know that this is a competitive industry.  We strive to be the best at what we do and still maintain constant growth and integrity – a very difficult task when it comes to journalism.  You should feel that when you spend money promoting through us, that it was money well spent.  Your satisfaction is important. We are looking to build long term partnerships that benefit both parties, not just to make a quick buck.


Cloud Gaming Battle demonstrates proper testing and expertise in a wide range of services in markets related to cloud gaming.  We have vast knowledge of a new and massively growing field, and are positioned to continue to demonstrate mastery.  Our audience looks to us for news, opinions and critiques in the field of Cloud Gaming.


Cloud Gaming Battle has published a thousand videos and will make thousands more.  We haven’t always been as good as we are today.  We’ve honed our craft making through practice, experimentation, and listening to our audience. You can expect a professional product created by experienced editors and performers.


Our relationship with our audience has never been violated.  We rarely report incorrect information, and swiftly retract and correct ourselves if we make mistakes.  We are trusted not to ‘shill’ poor products or make bad recommendations.


Many times an audience will ‘tune out’ for an advert or other promotion until a video returns to regular programming, but we highlight products and games on a regular basis.  Reviews and news of recently introduced products are some of the things our audience comes to see.


Cloud Gaming Battle serves a very specific niche – a community of gamers who are looking to compare and enjoy games via cloud with crossover to general purpose gaming and hardware enthusiasts.  We specialize in content catered to inform our viewers about products, often with the purpose of educating people looking to make purchases.  As a focused channel that serves this specific demographic, you’ll find that we are extremely well positioned to get your message to a relevant audience.


Cloud Gaming Battle has continued to grow its audience and influence since being founded in 2020.  We have a steady growth curve and are expected to continue to reach more and more people over time.  Our channel is growing alongside the industry and you can expect that we will remain relevant in years to come.

In addition, many of our videos continue to gain views over time, rather than simply having a burst of attention upon release and fading away into obscurity.


Not only does Cloud Gaming Battle have a following on youTube, but directly interact with our users in our Discord and have social media presence on X (Formerly Twitter).  We Foster an environment where people can get together and share ideas and get the pulse of what gamers are interested in.  It’s important to us to maintain these links and be active members of the gaming community. 

No Controversy

Cloud Gaming Battle endeavors to be a welcoming community for all people. We do not engage in divisive politics or opinions outside of cloud gaming that can sully ourselves or those we do business with or turn our area of expertise into a battleground for topics that are not relevant to cloud gaming.  Public relations are important to us.  We strive to keep controversial views separate from our online work. We do not use Cloud Gaming Battle to further unrelated agendas.  You can be sure that we won’t unnecessarily drag ourselves or our partners into unnecessary conflicts.

Seamless Integration

It is easy for us to seamlessly integrate relevant content into our videos without it seeming like an ad in the first place depending on the product.  Our video is built on teaching and highlighting various products for the benefit of our viewer.  People tend to tune out when an advertisement plays – We all do it.  Seamless integration is extremely effective for preventing our users from ignoring the message when they hear something that sounds like an advertisement.


Integrity Violations

Cloud Gaming Battle will not lie or otherwise jeopardize our credibility in return for sponsorships.  We will not hide issues with services or products, nor will we sugarcoat our reviews or experiences.  We do not go out of our way to highlight problems and inadequacies over positive features, but our channel requires us to be honest and forthright about our reviews and stances towards products and services, whether sponsored or not.  We are open to dialogue, but we cannot grow and thrive if we compromise our morals for compensation. 

Maintaining a long term relationship with our audience where we continue to be a trusted source for accurate information is our priority to those who give us their time and attention to enjoy our content.

Conflicts of Interest

We will not allow sponsorships that would appear to be a clear conflict of interests.  A review of a product should not be directly sponsored by a rival competitor, nor should the subject of any video appear to be compromised by a sponsorship.  This is something we judge situationally, and may choose not to accept incentives that seem to compromise integrity for a given topic.  Even though we would be true to our research, we are wary of optics that would present us as dishonest and undermine the authenticity of our reviews.

Type of Advertising Campaigns

Promotional Message

A short promotional message in under 30 seconds in the first half of a video, always containing the message “This video was sponsored by *sponsor*” in order to clearly differentiate the promotional direction of our sponsors from the official beliefs and opinions of Cloud Gaming Battle. We will use readily available promotional material for the clip, such as footage from your website.  The content of these messages have much more freedom than our other forms of sponsorship, because our viewers understand that this message was created by the sponsor.

Creating the Message

You provide the message and footage to be shown, though we will narrate the message.  If you require it, we are able to create scripting, custom graphics and video for you for a one time fee based on complexity.

Product Review

We will review a product or service relevant to cloud gamers and produce a video and article on our website.  We will state that your organization asked us to review that product, but the content of the review is entirely up to us.  We will review your product in the same manner as we review any other product – we are not willing to hide flaws or minimize failures.  We and our viewers value integrity and we are unwilling to compromise our morals to ensure we always maintain trusted reviews.

Product Placement 

We will mention and show your product in a video.  Such a video would have to be one where it is relevant to show off such a product.  ie: A game-on-platform video may show off sponsored hardware used to play, we may play a sponsored game on one or more cloud platforms, or we may try a new or requested game out on a sponsored platform.  We will discuss the sponsored item in the same way we discuss any other, talking about performance, enjoyment and features if such things are or can be relevant to the video topic.


We will release a tutorial video for your service or product.  Price will vary based on video length, complexity of the tutorial and if we are required to purchase or procure additional hardware or supplies to make the video.  These videos tend to have great longevity and continually gain views over a long period of time compared to review videos, especially once the content finds a foothold in search algorithms.

Affiliate Campaigns and Promotional Codes

We drive sales to you and receive a commission based on the sales made.  Generally through the use of providing a code or referral link that identifies customers that are driven to your service by our organization.

These services can have variable pricing based off of potential revenue, views driven to your link, or simply a monthly rate.  In general, we mention these at the end of our videos and in our video descriptions.


If you have something else in mind, we’re willing to discuss what we can do for you provided it doesn’t violate our credibility, integrity or place in the market.


Please contact us regarding pricing. We will need to discuss what you have in mind, what both of our expectations are for the content and discuss the costs based on expected views, average watch time, and how dedicated the content will be.  The longevity of the sponsorship and the nature of the campaign (ie: Flat fee, Cost Per Mile, Affiliate Program or some combination of these) will determine pricing and options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much for a sponsorship?

We review sponsorships on a case by case basis and offer custom pricing based on your criteria and industry standards based on various metrics including Subscription Counts, Average Watch Time, Expected Views and more.  Contact us to open a dialogue about and we can explore options and pricing.

Why pay for a review?  I’ve seen Cloud Gaming Battle review services without sponsorships.  

It’s true.  We often review things that we feel are extremely relevant in the moment and important to our community, even revisiting services and products that have changed.  However, we work on our time and at our discretion.  We may not get around to reviewing your product, even if it’s on our to-do list as we prioritize our business partners and news that is most relevant at the current time.  You could just wait and hope we get around to it, or guarantee we get to it with a sponsorship.

Can a sponsorship be rejected?

There are a number of reasons a sponsorship may be rejected, such as if supporting the product violates our credibility, the sponsorship request lies beyond the scope of what we are willing to do on the channel, or the requested time of sponsorship has already been booked.  We will respond and inform all reasonable requests why they were rejected.