Getting Started

Maximum Settings on iPhone

We’ll go over how to install and get started playing with Maximum Settings on your iPhone. Let’s take it to the max.

Getting Started with Blacknut

Blacknut is a “exclusive” cloud gaming service that is located in France. We’ll get started with Blacknut on the Desktop. Let’s get cracking.

Ubisoft+ Before You Buy

If you have the time, Ubisoft+ might be a great service to play all the Ubisoft games you want. There is a catch though…

Maximum Settings Getting Started

Maximum Settings is a cloud gaming service based in Canada. We’ll go into the details on how to get setup and started with Maximum Settings.

Install Boosteroid Beta Desktop App

Boosteroid just released their Beta Desktop app for Windows PCs. We’ll show you the best way to download it and install it.

Getting Started with Vortex Cloud Gaming on PC

We’ll get into the details of getting setup with Vortex starting with a PC and the Vortex Windows app. Let’s dive into the Vortex!

Install Luna on Fire TV

We will guide you through how to install and start playing games on Amazon Luna through the Amazon Fire TV.

Getting Started with Boosteroid on Android

We are going to show you how to play Boosteroid on an Android device.

Getting Started with Boosteroid on iPhone

We are going to show you how to play Boosteroid on the iPhone. No app needed. Play through your iPhone browser.

Getting Started with Luna on iPhone

The long awaited Amazon cloud gaming platform Luna is here. We’ll be guiding you on…