The NEW Shadow and Pre-Ordered Activations

Shadow’s price has changed drastically and they removed the extra tiers. They decided to just call it – Shadow.

Boosteroid Server Expansion Update

Boosteroid is a cloud gaming platform that resides in Romania and cover most of Europe as of 2021. But this might be changing very soon.

New Owners for Shadow Tech

April 30th came and went, and Shadow now has new partners. HubiC is now in control of Shadow. What does the future entail?

Shadow Bankruptcy Update

If you heard the recent news about Shadow, you will know that they have filed…

GeForce Now Price Increase Active

With now almost 10 million members, the service will need to improve.

Google Shuts Down Stadia Games & Entertainment

Google shuts down Stadia Games & Entertainment. Is this the end for Stadia?

Before You Buy Stadia Pro in 2020

Google Stadia is a very ambitious gaming platform designed to be the ultimate exclusive experience…

Amazon Announces Luna – their Premier Cloud Gaming Service

Just recently, Amazon announced their brand new premier cloud gaming service to the world called…

Stadia Connect 7.14.2020 – New Game Releases & Announcements

Stadia Connect has launched a new video on the upcoming game releases and other Stadia…