Boosteroid is a Pickup n’ Play cloud gaming platform that allows you to play the PC games you own through their services.

Platform Overview

Platform Stats

Boosteroid is constantly adding new games from Steam and Epic Games to their platform. As they call they’re home in Romania, they are popular in all parts of Europe and the USA. See what Boosteroid can do for your gaming experience!



Pickup 'n Play. Play third-party PC games instantly



Europe, USA, and surrounding areas



Various select games primarily from Steam and Epic Games

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How-To Install

Boosteroid has many ways to play on their platform. We have tutorial articles and how-to videos so you can get started playing on Boosteroid with any of the devices that they support. More apps are coming soon!

Announcing: Boosteroid & Microsoft Partnership

Boosteroid has partnered with Microsoft. Here is what you need to know about the cloud gaming deal.

Getting Started with BOOSTEROID in 2023

Boosteroid is a cloud gaming service that we classify as a Pickup n’ Play platform. One of the few platforms to offer the GTA & Call of Duty series.

Boosteroid Installation on Chromebook

We’ll go over how to install and get started with Boosteroid on a Chromebook to play PC games instantly with no installs or downloads.

Before You Buy Boosteroid 2022

Boosteroid released US servers, we want to see how the platform performs since servers are close to us. Is it worthy of your subscription?

Is BOOSTEROID Planning for 4K Gameplay SOON?

Boosteroid launched servers in the US and they have upgraded their hardware when they setup servers here in the US! Is the hardware any good?

Is Local Multiplayer Possible on Boosteroid?

Boosteroid has games that can be played locally on the couch. Is it possible to play any of these games through Boosteroid apps?

Comparison – Boosteroid vs Xbox Cloud – Batman Arkham Knight

Cloud gaming platforms Boosteroid and Xbox Cloud both have Arkham Knight available on their platforms. Which batcomputer does it best?

Playing Total War: Warhammer 3 on Boosteroid

Boosteroid released Total War: Warhammer 3. Is it a great option to Total War fans who don’t have a powerhouse of a PC ready to play?

Testing Input Lag on Boosteroid

Boosteroid servers are located in Europe which hinders speeds from the US significantly. How bad is it?

GeForce Now vs Boosteroid – Destiny 2

GeForce Now and Boosteroid have Destiny 2, many gamers might want to know which platform plays Destiny 2 the best.

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