Blacknut is an “exclusive” cloud gaming service that offers some 500 games to play instantly. Get started to play on many devices now!

Platform Overview

Platform Stats

Blacknut resides in France and uses Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud as part of their cloud gaming infrastructure. All their games are included along with weekly game updates.



Exclusive. Access to all games in their lineup.



The service is now available across Europe, Asia & North America



Over 500 games are included with one subscription with weekly additions.

Start Price


How-To Install

Blacknut has numerous apps for various devices. We have tutorials on how to get started on the platforms below.

Square Enix is Investing in Blacknut Cloud Gaming

Square Enix has partnered with Blacknut cloud gaming for a strategic investment.

Before You Buy Blacknut 2021 | Blacknut Review

We deem BLACKNUT as an “Exclusive” cloud gaming service. How accurate is their home page in accordance of what you get?

Blacknut Lag Input

How bad is the input lag on the service with your controller and mouse and keyboard while using Blacknut? Check it out here.

Getting Started with Blacknut on the iPhone

We designate Blacknut as an “exclusive” cloud gaming service that provides some 500 games. Lets get set up with Blacknut on the iPhone.

Install Blacknut on Fire TV

Blacknut is an Exclusive cloud gaming service that offers over 500 games. We’ll get started with Blacknut on the Amazon Fire TV.

Install Blacknut on Android

We’ll run through how to install the Blacknut app on your Android device.

Blacknut Local Multiplayer Games

Blacknut releases new games on their platform and many of them are couch multiplayer games that you can play with your family and friends.

Getting Started with Blacknut

Blacknut is a “exclusive” cloud gaming service that is located in France. We’ll get started with Blacknut on the Desktop. Let’s get cracking.

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