Shadow PC


The latest update from Shadow Tech for July 2022. Learn about the plans for the Power Upgrade and early access for the new tier.

Quick Look at Shadow’s New Desktop App

Shadow just launched their new look for their Shadow app. Is it any different? Let’s take a quick look.

Shadow Update with New Tier, New Look, and more

The Shadow update is here! They announced new hardware, a new look, and cloud PCs for businesses. Will you be interested in the upgrade?

Shadow Announces Additional STORAGE Now Available

Shadow just announced that you can now purchase additional storage. Let’s see how to add additional hard drive space to your account.

Before You Buy Shadow in 2022 | Shadow Tech Review

Shadow Tech is a cloud based rental PC service that you can basically do whatever you want with. So is it worth getting your hands on?

Final Fantasy 14 on Shadow and Maximum Settings

We’ll be reviewing the performance of the cloud gaming services Shadow and Maximum Settings. Plus, tips on how to set up the game within.

Playing World War 3 on Shadow PC

Since World War 3 game is free to play, you’ll want the best settings to run it on your cloud gaming SHADOW PC. We got you covered!

HALO Infinite on Shadow and Maximum Settings Cloud Gaming

How well does HALO Infinite Beta play on SHADOW PC and MAXIMUM SETTINGS? We have the intel you need Marine. Check out the results.

Best FPS Settings for FAR CRY 6 on SHADOW

Far Cry 6 is the biggest Far Cry to date. What are the best settings for your Shadow PC without hindering performance? Let’s see.

Playing Battlefield 2042 on Shadow and Maximum Settings

We got access to the Battlefield 2042 Beta and hopped in with our Shadow PC and our Mid-tier GTX 1080 Maximum Settings machine.