Shadow PC

The NEW Shadow and Pre-Ordered Activations

Shadow’s price has changed drastically and they removed the extra tiers. They decided to just call it – Shadow.

New Owners for Shadow Tech

April 30th came and went, and Shadow now has new partners. HubiC is now in control of Shadow. What does the future entail?

Shadow Bankruptcy Update

If you heard the recent news about Shadow, you will know that they have filed…

Best Shadow Ultra Settings for 4K

Get a solid 4K gameplay stream on your Shadow PC. Streaming higher resolutions takes more data and your bitrate settings need to be correct.

Shadow Ultra Benckmark

For the Ultra plan benchmark, we used the same software to compare them to the Boost plan. See how better the Ultra plan is.

Testing Controller Lag on Shadow Tech

Is it possible to play well on a cloud gaming service like SHADOW? We test to see how well the input lag holds up in a Modern Warfare game

Playing WARZONE and Modern Warfare on SHADOW

Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone made a huge ground-breaking staple in the gaming…

The BEST Way to Play Black Ops COLD WAR on SHADOW

We got to play the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War PC Open Beta…

Full SHADOW Tech PC Specs and Benchmark – Boost Level

A benchmark is a very important way of testing your PC for technological highs and…

Shadow PC App Install on iPhone

Have you ever wanted to rent a high-end PC so you can install whatever you…