Shadow PC

Final Fantasy 14 on Shadow and Maximum Settings

We’ll be reviewing the performance of the cloud gaming services Shadow and Maximum Settings. Plus, tips on how to set up the game within.

Playing World War 3 on Shadow PC

Since World War 3 game is free to play, you’ll want the best settings to run it on your cloud gaming SHADOW PC. We got you covered!

HALO Infinite on Shadow and Maximum Settings Cloud Gaming

How well does HALO Infinite Beta play on SHADOW PC and MAXIMUM SETTINGS? We have the intel you need Marine. Check out the results.

Best FPS Settings for FAR CRY 6 on SHADOW

Far Cry 6 is the biggest Far Cry to date. What are the best settings for your Shadow PC without hindering performance? Let’s see.

Playing Battlefield 2042 on Shadow and Maximum Settings

We got access to the Battlefield 2042 Beta and hopped in with our Shadow PC and our Mid-tier GTX 1080 Maximum Settings machine.

Shadow Finally Releases Upgrades

Shadow has finally dropped some upgrades for their service. After several weeks we get some good news about the upgrades to the platform.

The NEW Shadow and Pre-Ordered Activations

Shadow’s price has changed drastically and they removed the extra tiers. They decided to just call it – Shadow.

New Owners for Shadow Tech

April 30th came and went, and Shadow now has new partners. HubiC is now in control of Shadow. What does the future entail?

Shadow Bankruptcy Update

If you heard the recent news about Shadow, you will know that they have filed…

Best Shadow Ultra Settings for 4K

Get a solid 4K gameplay stream on your Shadow PC. Streaming higher resolutions takes more data and your bitrate settings need to be correct.