Shadow PC

Before You Buy SHADOW PC in 2024

Shadow has a pretty big year. On top of releasing the highly anticipated Power Upgrade…

Shadow PC Install on Steam Deck

The Steam Deck gaining a ton of traction. Let’s get started installing the Shadow PC app on the Steam Deck.

Before You Buy the Shadow Power Upgrade in 2023

The new Shadow Power upgrade is up to snuff as they promised or do we still have to look to other providers for a decent Cloud PC?

Install & Setup Shadow PC on CHROMEBOOK

There are a couple of different methods for getting Shadow setup on Chromebook. We’ll go through each method for setting up the Shadow app on your Chromebook.

Getting Started with Shadow PC in 2023

Shadow is a cloud PC service that provides a powerful Windows PC that you can access remotely from the cloud. Let’s get started.

Shadow POWER UPGRADE Benchmark on the NVIDIA RTX A4500

We got the long-awaited Shadow Power Upgrade! Did Shadow deliver or do we need to look elsewhere? Let’s take a look at the hardware breakdown


The latest update from Shadow Tech for July 2022. Learn about the plans for the Power Upgrade and early access for the new tier.

Quick Look at Shadow’s New Desktop App

Shadow just launched their new look for their Shadow app. Is it any different? Let’s take a quick look.

Shadow Update with New Tier, New Look, and more

The Shadow update is here! They announced new hardware, a new look, and cloud PCs for businesses. Will you be interested in the upgrade?

Shadow Announces Additional STORAGE Now Available

Shadow just announced that you can now purchase additional storage. Let’s see how to add additional hard drive space to your account.