Full Shrine Cloud Gaming Benchmark

We’ll go into the benchmark specifics on each Shine Cloud Gaming tier. Let’s put Shrine to the test!

Full AirGPU Benchmark | AWS Cloud Gaming

Airgpu is a cloud PC Rental service using AWS. We’ll go into the specifics on the each tier with benchmarks.

Full Cloud Gaming Benchmark

It will be interesting to benchmark Playkey and see what is running their services. Stay tuned and let’s get keyed in.

Full Loudplay Benchmark New and Old

What does Loudplay power their service with? We’ll we are going to run a full PC benchmark on the Loudplay system.

GeForce Now RTX 3080 Tier Full Benchmark

GeForce Now announced their new RTX 3080 tier see how well the RTX 3080 tier increases performance. Let’s get started.

Best FPS Settings for FAR CRY 6 on SHADOW

Far Cry 6 is the biggest Far Cry to date. What are the best settings for your Shadow PC without hindering performance? Let’s see.

Luna Input Lag

Does Luna have the response speed and low latency to handle quick response FPS games? That’s exactly what we intend to find out.

Maximum Settings Input Lag

How bad is controller and input lag on Maximum Settings? Find out playing a couple matches in Modern Warfare.

Maximum Settings Mid-Tier GTX 1080 Benchmark

Here is full PC benchmark on our mid-tier GTX 1080 Maximum Settings PC. It will be a score on using Unigine Superposition.

Vortex Graphics Benchmark

We run an in-game benchmark so you’ll get to see just how well the game runs on Vortex and the cloud PC specs to go along with it.