GeForce Now and PC Crossplay of Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has been a free to play game on Steam since October of 2019 and the transition from Blizzard to Steam has been a welcomed one. Since Steam games are common games on GeForce Now, we thought it would be a good to compare the gameplay from a PC that ran Destiny 2 directly from Steam against a PC that ran Destiny 2 using GeForce Now. Let’s look at both gameplays side-by-side and go over a number of criteria aspects to compare by.


Standard Combat

Fast shooting and lag can be common place in an FPS as a big deterrent for players. With the slight delay from the GeForce Now PC you are logged to, how well does the response time hold up to a regular PC? Take a look at how smooth the combat is.

Loading Differences

With people having many different PC builds, loading times can vary from player to player. Note the time differences on map loadings.

Heavy Load with Multiple Players

Performance usually can take a hit in any game with multiple players on the same server doing the same activities. Destiny 2 is known for its multiple player events. This is a great opportunity to test how well GeForce Now performs vs the regular PC. Check out the findings.


GeForce Now kept up with a last gen PC easily and even surpassed it in a couple of ways. The gameplay of Destiny 2 on GeForce Now as of now is above our expectations. With the results of our tests and findings, we would easily play Destiny 2 on GeForce Now any time. We will run the same test on a modern PC in the near future. Check back soon to see our findings on that video.


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