Stadia is Google’s exclusive cloud gaming platform that lets you instantly play video games on devices you already own through the cloud.

Platform Overview

Platform Stats

Stadia is one of the biggest cloud gaming platforms on the market. Since it is a Google platform, they have the resources to cater to many around the world and perform optimally.



Exclusive. Access to all games and private community.*



Most of North America and Europe.



Free and Paid Indie to AAA games

Start Price


How-To Install

The biggest cloud gaming platform has various way to play on several devices. They are still expanding. Look out for new ways to play. Click on the icon you want to get started with.

Stadia is Leveling Up to be Industry Dominate

The Google Stadia Keynote launched just a couple of days ago and had a ton of information about the future of the platform.

Stadia Input Lag

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Google Shuts Down Stadia Games & Entertainment

Google shuts down Stadia Games & Entertainment. Is this the end for Stadia?

Stadia Install on iPhone Beta 2020

Google just released their iOS support app that is currently in Beta. We’ll guide you through on how to install and setup to play on iPhone.

Is Far Cry 5 Crossplay Compatible?

The Far Cry series of one of Ubisoft’s biggest game Intellectual Properties. The latest game, Far Cry 5, was released in 2018 following a successful launch from its predecessor Far Cry 4. We have done some videos on Far Cry…

Before You Buy Stadia Pro in 2020

Google Stadia is a very ambitious gaming platform designed to be the ultimate exclusive experience for gamers of all sorts. The pinnacle technological aspect of Stadia is that you don’t need a console to run the games – only Google…

Immortals Fenyx Rising First Look Review

Immortals Fenyx Rising is an upcoming action-adventure game we got to play on STADIA. Check out our initial thoughts on it.

3-Way CROSSPLAY with The DIVISION 2 on STADIA, GeForce Now, and SHADOW

We dive into The Division 2 in a 3-Way Team CROSSPLAY video using the Cloud Gaming technologies of Stadia, GeForce Now, and a Shadow Tech PC. The only thing we are missing is a standard PC. They all handle the…

Playing Borderlands 3 on Stadia and Iphone

I got to playing Borderlands 3 on the free weekend they had starting August the 7 – 10th and decided to play it on various different Cloud Gaming platforms so I could see how well it would hold up. I…

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