Xbox Cloud Install on iPhone

Getting Started with Blacknut on the iPhone

We designate Blacknut as an “exclusive” cloud gaming service that provides some 500 games. Lets get set up with Blacknut on the iPhone.

Getting Started with Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta

Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta is a service provided by Microsoft to play Xbox games through the cloud. We’ll get into exactly how to sign up and how to get started playing Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta.

Stadia is Leveling Up to be Industry Dominate

The Google Stadia Keynote launched just a couple of days ago and had a ton of information about the future of the platform.

Install Blacknut on Android

We’ll run through how to install the Blacknut app on your Android device.

Shadow Finally Releases Upgrades

Shadow has finally dropped some upgrades for their service. After several weeks we get some good news about the upgrades to the platform.

Requesting Games on Boosteroid

You might wonder why certain games are not added to the Boosteroid game list. There is a way that you can request games to Boosteroid.

New Game Discount Partner for Boosteroid

Boosteroid announced that they have a new partnership with Fanatical. They are offering a 10% off coupon for ANY games from now to July 8.

Getting Started with Stadia on PC

If you are interested in Stadia and are wondering how to sign up and get playing, check out how easy it is to get started with Google Stadia on the PC.

GeForce Now and PC Crossplay of Destiny 2

Get a great perspective on how Geforce Now runs vs a lower end last generation PC on Destiny 2. See Crossplay cloud gameplay of Destiny 2.

Getting Started with GeForce Now on the PC

GeForce Now has become a very popular cloud gaming service. Today we are going go over exactly how to get started with GeForce now on the PC.