Best Cheap Router for Cloud Gaming – Speedefy AC2100

Monster Energy Ultra Gold Review

The latest Monster Energy Ultra flavor is based from one of my favorite fruits – pineapple. How does Ultra Gold stack up to the others?

How to Stop Buying Headsets and Buy Stand-Alone Microphones

Voice Chat. I consider it a necessity when playing with friends. This is why I stopped buying headsets and bought a stand-alone microphone.

Getting Started with JOYARK Cloud Gaming

JoyArk is a cloud gaming platform that we classify as a mobile only platform Pickup n’ Play, Own it, Play it cloud gaming platform.

Getting Started with BOOSTEROID in 2023

Boosteroid is a cloud gaming service that we classify as a Pickup n’ Play platform. One of the few platforms to offer the GTA & Call of Duty series.

What You NEED to Know about the Microsoft & GeForce NOW Deal

NVIDIA and Microsoft announced this they’re working to bring top PC Xbox Game Studios games to the GeForce NOW library.

Shadow PC Install on Steam Deck

The Steam Deck gaining a ton of traction. Let’s get started installing the Shadow PC app on the Steam Deck.

Before You Buy the Shadow Power Upgrade in 2023

The new Shadow Power upgrade is up to snuff as they promised or do we still have to look to other providers for a decent Cloud PC?

Install and Setup for NetBoom on iPhone and iPad

NetBoom is a cloud gaming company based in Singapore. We consider NetBoom an Own It, Play Pickup n’ Play Cloud Gaming platform which means you have to own the games to play them on this service. I say this with…

Install Paperspace on Android

We’ll go into the details on how to get setup and get started with Paperspace gaming on Android devices.

Before You Buy Maximum Settings in 2022

Maximum Settings is a North American Cloud Gaming Platform.  We classify them as a PC Rental Service, meaning you get to use a full-fledged gaming PC, not just access to pre-installed games. They have a single data center in Toronto,…

Road to 10K Giveaway Sweepstakes

We are continuing to do battle in gaming heaven and we have made our way to 4k subs! With this celebration, we are announcing our Road to 10k Giveaway.

Getting Started with NETBOOM

NetBoom is a cloud gaming service started in 2019 sporting no downloads or updates. Let’s get started with NetBoom on the desktop.

Getting Started with GeForce NOW in 2022

Nvidia’s GeForce Now is a very popular cloud gaming platform. We are going go over exactly how to get started with GeForce Now on the PC.

Best Cloud Gaming Platforms for Fortnite

We have covered various cloud gaming platforms on Fortnite. Looking to see which platform is going to be best for you? Let’s get on the bus!

AirGPU Gets AFFORDABLE Tiers at NEW Locations!

AirGPU has just added three more data center locations in New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas with 2 new tiers of RTX line of machines.

Before You Buy Boosteroid 2022

Boosteroid released US servers, we want to see how the platform performs since servers are close to us. Is it worthy of your subscription?


The latest update from Shadow Tech for July 2022. Learn about the plans for the Power Upgrade and early access for the new tier.

Best Cloud Platforms for Genshin Impact

Genshin impact is a popular free to play open world RPG that now got added to some cloud gaming platforms. How do they play?

Best Cloud Platforms for Apex Legends

We have covered Apex Legends on various cloud gaming platforms. We’ll go through all of the best platforms to play Apex Legends on.