Xbox Cloud Install on iPhone

Getting Started with Blacknut on the iPhone

We designate Blacknut as an “exclusive” cloud gaming service that provides some 500 games. Lets get set up with Blacknut on the iPhone.

Getting Started with Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta

Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta is a service provided by Microsoft to play Xbox games through the cloud. We’ll get into exactly how to sign up and how to get started playing Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta.

Stadia is Leveling Up to be Industry Dominate

The Google Stadia Keynote launched just a couple of days ago and had a ton of information about the future of the platform.

Install Blacknut on Android

We’ll run through how to install the Blacknut app on your Android device.

Shadow Finally Releases Upgrades

Shadow has finally dropped some upgrades for their service. After several weeks we get some good news about the upgrades to the platform.

Requesting Games on Boosteroid

You might wonder why certain games are not added to the Boosteroid game list. There is a way that you can request games to Boosteroid.

New Game Discount Partner for Boosteroid

Boosteroid announced that they have a new partnership with Fanatical. They are offering a 10% off coupon for ANY games from now to July 8.

GeForce Now Price Increase Active

With now almost 10 million members, the service will need to improve.

Vortex Graphics Benchmark

We run an in-game benchmark so you’ll get to see just how well the game runs on Vortex and the cloud PC specs to go along with it.

Best Shadow Ultra Settings for 4K

Get a solid 4K gameplay stream on your Shadow PC. Streaming higher resolutions takes more data and your bitrate settings need to be correct.

Install Boosteroid Beta Desktop App

Boosteroid just released their Beta Desktop app for Windows PCs. We’ll show you the best way to download it and install it.

Getting Started with Vortex Cloud Gaming on PC

We’ll get into the details of getting setup with Vortex starting with a PC and the Vortex Windows app. Let’s dive into the Vortex!

Install Luna on Fire TV

We will guide you through how to install and start playing games on Amazon Luna through the Amazon Fire TV.

Shadow Ultra Benckmark

For the Ultra plan benchmark, we used the same software to compare them to the Boost plan. See how better the Ultra plan is.

Google Shuts Down Stadia Games & Entertainment

Google shuts down Stadia Games & Entertainment. Is this the end for Stadia?

Amazon Luna System Benchmark and Specs

We were able to get the full specs of an Amazon Luna machine while we were playing The Division 2 using the in-game benchmark tool.

Getting Started with Boosteroid on Android

We are going to show you how to play Boosteroid on an Android device.

Getting Started with Boosteroid on iPhone

We are going to show you how to play Boosteroid on the iPhone. No app needed. Play through your iPhone browser.

Testing Controller Lag on Shadow Tech

Is it possible to play well on a cloud gaming service like SHADOW? We test to see how well the input lag holds up in a Modern Warfare game