Best Cheap Router for Cloud Gaming – Speedefy AC2100

Monster Energy Ultra Gold Review

The latest Monster Energy Ultra flavor is based from one of my favorite fruits – pineapple. How does Ultra Gold stack up to the others?

How to Stop Buying Headsets and Buy Stand-Alone Microphones

Voice Chat. I consider it a necessity when playing with friends. This is why I stopped buying headsets and bought a stand-alone microphone.

Is BOOSTEROID Planning for 4K Gameplay SOON?

Boosteroid launched servers in the US and they have upgraded their hardware when they setup servers here in the US! Is the hardware any good?

Is Amazon LUNA Planning Something BIG?

Amazon has something big planned for the future of the platform. I just received an email from Amazon for being a Luna Founding member.

Shadow Update with New Tier, New Look, and more

The Shadow update is here! They announced new hardware, a new look, and cloud PCs for businesses. Will you be interested in the upgrade?

Before You Buy Playkey Cloud Gaming in 2022

Playkey allows you to play your whole catalog of games from various third-party distributors. Let’s get keyed in with the details of Playkey.

Everything You Need to Know about Cloud Gaming in 5 Minutes

Are you curious about cloud gaming? Here’s a simple guide to understanding cloud gaming and what you need to get started within 5 minutes.

Getting Started with PlayStation Now

PlayStation has their on-demand game streaming service. We’re going to go over how to get started with PlayStation Now on your Windows PC.

Before You Buy Shadow in 2022 | Shadow Tech Review

Shadow Tech is a cloud based rental PC service that you can basically do whatever you want with. So is it worth getting your hands on?

Playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare on Loudplay

Loudplay is a Russian cloud gaming service that offers a cloud PC rental so we installed Call of Duty Modern Warfare to see how it responded.

Testing Input Lag on Boosteroid

Boosteroid servers are located in Europe which hinders speeds from the US significantly. How bad is it?

Is Rainbow Six SIEGE able to CROSSPLAY on STADIA?

The PC version of Rainbow Six Siege has crossplay and cross-progression with Stadia and Luna. How well does this work?

Getting Started with Loudplay

LOUDPLAY is a cloud gaming service that is located in Russia. We define Loudplay as a credit based cloud PC rental service. Let’s get started!

Before You Buy GeForce Now in 2022 | Priority and RTX 3080 Review

This is our GeForce Now Review. GeForce Now recently dropped their latest tier – the RTX 3080 tier. Is GeForce Now the service for you?

Final Fantasy 14 on Shadow and Maximum Settings

We’ll be reviewing the performance of the cloud gaming services Shadow and Maximum Settings. Plus, tips on how to set up the game within.

Before You Buy Xbox Game Pass for Cloud Gaming

With Game Pass being a great deal for Xbox and PC games, how well does Microsoft pull off the Xbox Cloud Gaming aspect? Let’s find out.

GeForce Now vs Boosteroid – Destiny 2

GeForce Now and Boosteroid have Destiny 2, many gamers might want to know which platform plays Destiny 2 the best.

GeForce Now RTX 3080 Tier Full Benchmark

GeForce Now announced their new RTX 3080 tier see how well the RTX 3080 tier increases performance. Let’s get started.

Playing World War 3 on Shadow PC

Since World War 3 game is free to play, you’ll want the best settings to run it on your cloud gaming SHADOW PC. We got you covered!