Stadia Input Lag

If you are familiar with cloud gaming, you will know that Google Stadia is the…

Boosteroid Server Expansion Update

Boosteroid is a cloud gaming platform that resides in Romania and cover most of Europe as of 2021. But this might be changing very soon.

GeForce Now Controller and Input Lag

With all this expansion, it would be good to test the response time of GeForce Now and how well the input lag will effect gameplay.

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Maximum Settings on iPhone

Getting Started with Blacknut

Blacknut is a “exclusive” cloud gaming service that is located in France. We’ll get started with Blacknut on the Desktop. Let’s get cracking.

Ubisoft+ Before You Buy

If you have the time, Ubisoft+ might be a great service to play all the Ubisoft games you want. There is a catch though…

Ubisoft+ Before You Buy

If you have the time, Ubisoft+ might be a great service to play all the Ubisoft games you want. There is a catch though…

Maximum Settings Getting Started

Maximum Settings is a cloud gaming service based in Canada. We’ll go into the details on how to get setup and started with Maximum Settings.

Before You Buy Vortex

We dive into the PROS and CONS on the VORTEX cloud gaming platform. Is it worth your time or should avoid altogether? Find out here.

GeForce Now Price Increase Active

With now almost 10 million members, the service will need to improve.

Vortex Graphics Benchmark

We run an in-game benchmark so you’ll get to see just how well the game runs on Vortex and the cloud PC specs to go along with it.

The BEST Way to Play Black Ops COLD WAR on SHADOW

We got to play the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War PC Open Beta (That’s a mouthful) and I got a feel for playing it on my Cloud Gaming Shadow PC. The feel of the game is similar to…

Full SHADOW Tech PC Specs and Benchmark – Boost Level

A benchmark is a very important way of testing your PC for technological highs and lows of PC performance. When playing PC games, you will want your PC to run at its best under any circumstance – especially under heavy…

Shadow PC App Install on iPhone

Have you ever wanted to rent a high-end PC so you can install whatever you wanted, play it whenever you wanted and do it all through your iPhone? The Cloud Gaming service – Shadow PC will be the perfect choice…

The BIGGEST Problem with GEFORCE NOW Free Version

Battle Chasers Nightwars has to be one of the best indie turn based RPG games I have played in awhile. I picked it up on Steam during a summer Steam sale and I enjoyed it throughly. I beat the main…

Amazon Announces Luna – their Premier Cloud Gaming Service

Just recently, Amazon announced their brand new premier cloud gaming service to the world called Luna at the Fall Devices and Services event. Luna was announced along with many of their other device updates at the event. Sources indicate that…

GeForce Now Setup and Install on Android

Over the past couple of years, Geforce Now has become a very popular cloud gaming service. The service allows the streaming of players own purchased games as long as they bought them on a gaming service GeForce Now supports like…

3-Way CROSSPLAY with The DIVISION 2 on STADIA, GeForce Now, and SHADOW

We dive into The Division 2 in a 3-Way Team CROSSPLAY video using the Cloud Gaming technologies of Stadia, GeForce Now, and a Shadow Tech PC. The only thing we are missing is a standard PC. They all handle the…

Benchmarking Batman Arkham Knight on Shadow Tech

I got Batman Arkham Knight running on Shadow PC. I ended up benchmarking the game with the hardware that is running the Shadow PC.

Setting up the Shadow App on Tablet

Shadow allows you to stream a high-end PC to all the devices it supports. Here’s how to setup your Shadow app on an Android device – specifically a tablet.

Playing Borderlands 3 on Stadia and Iphone

I got to playing Borderlands 3 on the free weekend they had starting August the 7 – 10th and decided to play it on various different Cloud Gaming platforms so I could see how well it would hold up. I…

Play Any PC Game on iPhone

The video here is taken with an iPhone. The game is Borderlands 3 published in 2019. You might be wondering how in the world are you playing this full AAA game on an iPhone? It’s not just this game, just…

Getting Started with Hyper Scape and CrossPlay

Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s new Battle Royale game to compete with the other ever so popular games of the category. It is in Open Beta so we wanted to try it out and get a feel for it in terms…