Xbox Cloud Install on iPhone

Getting Started with Blacknut on the iPhone

We designate Blacknut as an “exclusive” cloud gaming service that provides some 500 games. Lets get set up with Blacknut on the iPhone.

Getting Started with Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta

Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta is a service provided by Microsoft to play Xbox games through the cloud. We’ll get into exactly how to sign up and how to get started playing Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta.

Stadia is Leveling Up to be Industry Dominate

The Google Stadia Keynote launched just a couple of days ago and had a ton of information about the future of the platform.

Install Blacknut on Android

We’ll run through how to install the Blacknut app on your Android device.

Shadow Finally Releases Upgrades

Shadow has finally dropped some upgrades for their service. After several weeks we get some good news about the upgrades to the platform.

Requesting Games on Boosteroid

You might wonder why certain games are not added to the Boosteroid game list. There is a way that you can request games to Boosteroid.

New Game Discount Partner for Boosteroid

Boosteroid announced that they have a new partnership with Fanatical. They are offering a 10% off coupon for ANY games from now to July 8.

Getting Started with Luna on iPhone

The long awaited Amazon cloud gaming platform Luna is here. We’ll be guiding you on how to install, and start playing games on Amazon Luna through the iPhone or any other compatible iOS device. Let’s get started. Getting the Luna…

Stadia Install on iPhone Beta 2020

Google just released their iOS support app that is currently in Beta. We’ll guide you through on how to install and setup to play on iPhone.

Playing Total War: Warhammer 2 on Boosteroid

Total War: Warhammer 2 is a popular PC based RTS series and we are going to see how well it plays on Boosteroid.

How to Activate CLOUD SAVES for Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is all about using outside PC equipment to play your games. So when saving your games, it’s imperative that your game progress (especially your single player game) is saved so if you login to another PC, like you…

Playing Modern Warfare on Boosteroid

Boosteroid is on the few cloud gaming platforms to offer Blizzard and Activision games in their game library.  With being a similar cloud gaming platform to GeForce Now, having access to these games on is an advantage to Boosteroid…

Boosteroid Benchmark with Far Cry New Dawn

As we go through the games of Boosteroid, we also wanted to the get a benchmark for the games as well. For starters, we have Far Cry New Dawn. You’ll get to see just how the game runs on Boosteroid…

Getting Started with Boosteroid

Boosteroid is a cloud gaming platform located in Romania and covers most of Europe. Let’s getting setup with your Boosteroid account!

Getting Started with Luna on Desktop

The long awaited Amazon cloud gaming platform is here. Luna will be launching soon and is now accepting early access. We received access and will guide you through how to sign up, install, and start playing games on Amazon Luna…

Is Far Cry 5 Crossplay Compatible?

The Far Cry series of one of Ubisoft’s biggest game Intellectual Properties. The latest game, Far Cry 5, was released in 2018 following a successful launch from its predecessor Far Cry 4. We have done some videos on Far Cry…

Before You Buy Stadia Pro in 2020

Google Stadia is a very ambitious gaming platform designed to be the ultimate exclusive experience for gamers of all sorts. The pinnacle technological aspect of Stadia is that you don’t need a console to run the games – only Google…

GeForce Now Install on iPhone

GeForce Now is a free cloud gaming service by NVIDIA that allows you to play the games you own through third-party distributors like Steam and Ubisoft for free. They just released their Apple iOS support app that is currently in…

Before Your Buy GeForce Now Founders Edition in 2020

Will buying GeForce Now Founders help with its limitations? Lets go through purchasing the Founders edition so you know what to expect.